About me

... as a Songwriter.

...but much, much more beautiful

is the feeling when a song is created.

Writing songs - a very important part of me. I make music and I want to write songs on topics that concern me. I don't want to waste your time on any text.

Time is an important topic for me. We all have this limited time in this world and when I write a song the song has to give me at least as much as my audience.

The word .. is such an incredibly powerful instrument .. Describe a moment and pick up your audience - take them on a trip.

The thoughts .. are free - still! I think a lot. I worry a lot about everything that is and everything that is coming.

I would like to share these thoughts, poems, texts with you on my homepage. This is how song lyrics are created.

Kreativität ist ..

wenn einem bei dem, was einem auffällt,

etwas einfällt

Kreativität bedeutet,

aus zwanghaften Regeln auszubrechen,

sich von seiner Phantasie dirigieren zu lassen,

um erstaunliche Symphonien zu erzielen!

Als Kind ist jeder ein Künstler.

Die Schwierigkeit

liegt darin, als Erwachsener einer zu bleiben!